Accepting Love

As healers, it is very easy for us to give love.  Think about it?  When someone asks for our help we give it; without a second thought.  I think, as a general rule, that’s what all healers have in common: The ability to give and to give graciously.  Of course I am generalizing here, but you get the picture.  So it goes without saying, it is those who give the most who end up feeling they are unworthy to receive.  And this is not even something you would even stop to think about.  But stop and think about it for just a second.  Ask yourself if you deem yourself worthy of receiving love, if you deserve to receive love, and most especially, if you understand what it feels like to accept love from others.

Need validation? Just stand with your arms on your side and relax.  Facing north will help but it is not necessary.  Now say out loud:  “Body, show me yes.” Notice that your body will move forward without any effort on your part.  Now say out loud:  “Body show me no.”  Your body will now lean back, again without any effort.  This is kinesiology or muscle testing.  We use this a lot in ThetaHealing® to test for subconscious beliefs.  So now that you know how to test for your subconscious beliefs try testing for your beliefs regarding receiving and accepting love.  Just say the following out loud:

“I give love easily and effortlessly to others.”

“I know how to give love to others.”

“I know how to accept love from others.”

“I understand what it feels like to accept love from others.”

“I deserve to be loved.”

“I deserve to receive love.”

If you test yes to being able to give and receive love then congratulations because you have learned how to love and be loved and chances are you already have a healthy relationship with yourself.

If you test no to not being able to accept love from others chances are you are also testing negatively on being able to receive love from others.  But you are testing positive or yes to being able to give love, then at least now you know where to begin working on yourself.

Remember that it is just as important be able to receive love from others as it is to give love.  You can only truly love yourself and others completely when you learn how to fully receive and accept love completely.  You deserve to be loved.  You are worth it.  This is what enables us to be fully human, fully alive and fully conscious of ourselves and others. Then oneness siezes to be a concept, it becomes your reality.


About Lia Bernardo

I am a Personal Development Coach and Workshop Facilitator. I am also a certified ThetaHealing Instructor and Healer as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer.
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